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LLDP inventory collection

LLDP inventory collection

Collect LLDP inventory information.

there are three things I'm interested in being collected for inventory purposes:

a) LLDP neighbors

node, interface, remote-chassis-id, remote port, remote SystemName

b) LLPD power discovery

to detect over-committed PoE provisioning on a switch

Level 8

I have a lot of non-cisco devices and LLDP is an important network prototcol for these manufacturers.  CDP is a Cisco only protocol so other manufacturers are unlikely to use it without paying to do so.  Some have licensed it after building a CDP > LLDP compatibility mode. 

Product Manager
Product Manager


Level 10

it would be wonderful to get such a feature

Level 7

Is there any news on this feature? was it added? Is it still being worked on?

Level 18

LLDP reporting is something we are looking at for near future. It was planned for the next version of NCM, but due to other priorities, it will have to wait at least one more release.

Level 9

Any updates regarding this feature?

Level 8

It appears there has not been any movement on this for a year, has this been added to Orion under any module?

Level 16

NPM collects some LLDP information.

It is stored in [NodeLldpEntries]

I can't figure out why, but solarwinds keeps removing the LLDP poller from nodes, and I have a perl script that adds it back in. It's annoying.

Level 7

I would have thought this was a basic requirement of a network product to simply show the interconnections between network devices at layer two, simply sticking to Cisco CDP is very narrow minded.

Most products even cheep old 8 port Netgear kit now supports LLDP, it's starting to look like Solarwinds is dropping behind the times, rather than leading the pack, looking at how long it has taken to implement this feature.

Level 16


LLDP support