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Feature Request - NCM - Alert when new startup vs running conflict found

Feature Request - NCM - Alert when new startup vs running conflict found

I was surprised not to see an out-of-box alert for this. The impact could be quite severe if an engineer forgets to save an important change.

NCM does a good job at identifying this but does not alert anyone. Periodic reports could be a workaround but it doesn't seem I can omit reports if no new conflicts are found.

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I support your idea, but I have worked around this missing information for years by creating a Job that does a write memory on all my devices automatically every day before NCM downloads the startup & running configs.

My team discussed the pro's and con's of this Job, and agreed the risk of having a running-config out of sync with the startup-config was greater than writing over a startup-config with a temporary running-config.

We all decided that everyone is supposed to write memory on every device before they log off of it.  And we admitted we're busy enough that we sometimes get distracted by emergent issues that may cause us to forget where we'd issued a config change without properly writing memory before our SSH session to the device timed out.

This NCM Job has been running for about fourteen years; it hasn't been a problem once in that time.  Will it work for your environment until such a report as you've requested becomes available?