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FEATURE REQUEST - Compliance check : no alert when search block is not found

FEATURE REQUEST - Compliance check : no alert when search block is not found


I would like to submit to you a feature request, or more precisely a request for an improvement. For the moment when you are doing compliance check and you want to search for a string/regular expression inside a particular block, you use the "search for block" possibility.

The problem is that if the search block doesn't exist, NCM considers that it doesn't find the string/regular expression and create a violation alert.

According to me, if the search block doesn't exist in the configuration scanned, NCM shouldn't try to search for the string/regular expression, and by the way shouldn't create a violation alert.

Could you please either change this behavious or offer the possibility with a check box to not alert if the search block is not found ?



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For PM's, DEVS Etc - Internal Case Request is Case # 362395 Updated: "Compliance Check - Search block"

It contains an example and screenshots.

Best Regards,

Harry Griffiths

Solarwinds Technical Support Representative

NPM, NCM, EOC, FOE and Mobile Admin Tech Support

EMEA - Mon - Fri - 10AM to 7PM GMT

Level 8

I would very much agree with the above feature request. I'm not a developer, but I would guess the amount of developer resource to add a tick box might not be too great. I have been using the NCM Policy Reporter heavily for the last 6 months and it is my impression that it is a good tool for basic config compliance checking - the addition of the check box would make the product much more powerful. It would mean that I could enforce real world interface configuration standards and when you think how many interfaces a network has, that's a big thing.

Level 9

Any links to how this was implemented and how to find more information about it? I'm having the same issue.