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FEATURE REQUEST - Backing-up .UCS files from F5 LTM

FEATURE REQUEST - Backing-up .UCS files from F5 LTM

is there a way to back-up the .ucs archive files from F5 loadbalancers ? the templates to backup the configuration file is good but doesn't serve the purpose in case one has to build a F5 box from scratch.

I have logged a feature request for this with the case#  380211

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Level 18

This has been tracked as feature request #42391.

Level 10

We have some scripts to create and then back up F5 UCS files, but it would be nicer for this feature to be built into NCM.

Level 18

This feature request is a bit more general -- NCM should support backing up binary config files. Although such bakups would have limited usability (no comparison etc.), we have been aware of this request.



Level 10

Sure, I am all up for this feature request to be able to support as many configuration types as possible.

Level 13

I was testing NCM 7.2.1 a couple weeks ago and that appears to get the entire config minus the certs.

It wasn't in a form that can be easily copied into .ucs files, but it is definitely better than NCM 6.1.

Level 13

I am going to add on to this feature request not only the ability to back up an F5 ucs file (which is a binary file) a request for the ability to backup any device binary file.  Cisco ACE Load Balancer devices also have an ability to save a binary backup file which includes all the context configs and all the certificates.  This same issue applies to many devices that use multi context and certificates.  Right now we\re backing up the devices using the Solarwinds SFTP/SCP application on the main Orion NCM server and we are doing it manually.  I actually have a saved execute script of each of these type devices.  I go into the Network Configuration Manager application that resides on the NCM server and highlight the device, click on execute script from the context menu, load the saved script and execute it.  In case that fails, which it does sometimes for F5`s, I ssh to the device and copy the script from NCM to the command line of the device and execute it there

F5 provides a process to automatically backup their LTM files to a remote file server.  If you follow through on all their steps, you can do a complete rebuild of an LTM.  But it is not simple and easy and intuitive.

NCM would be a better solution.  Plus it compares and displays configuration changes.

Level 11

+1 for this. This would be extremely beneficial.

Level 13

Glad there is feature request for it, my boss was asking me to try to use NCM to back up the .UCS files and was stumped looking around for a way to do it.

Level 15

This feature has been added in NCM 7.5.