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Download Plaintext Configs from Web Interface

Download Plaintext Configs from Web Interface

The plaintext configs are saved on the server in a folder. The configs on the web page have each line pre-pended with the line number. It would be nice to be able to download the plaintext config right from the website, or in some other way turn off the line numbers without having to grab the file from the config archive folder.

Level 8

It is available in the NCM 7.4 Beta if you want to have a look...

Level 11


can also turn off line numbers in Config Details View.

Level 15

I have just been going to the switch and tftp the config to the SW tftp server and then grabbing it from the SW server folder.  It's been working but it would definitely be nice to utilize that feature.

Level 14

TFTP is very insecure.  NCM comes with a SCP/SFTP server that can be used as a more secure method of transferring the configs.  TFTP is OK to use in very small business networks, but you really should look to get away form using it on larger networks.  I wish that Cisco would just phase out that option already.

Level 15

I totally agree but when that is what you walked in on that was being used.  It takes time to rachet up the security.  All transfers will be going to SCP in the future.  Just have a long list of modifications including rolling out a switch refresh first...

Level 9

I didn't know about that option. Thank you for pointing it out.

Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Implemented