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Create an option to show NPM and NCM credentials.

Create an option to show NPM and NCM credentials.

After running NPM and NCM for twelve years, and having gone through seven mergers and eight Network Analysts in that time, I have some devices being monitored in NPM or NCM for which there are no documented credentials.

Orion monitors them just fine with the credentials that some past administrator used, but I find no record in our password safe for what those credentials might be.

But Orion knows them.

If only there were a way to select an option to tell NPM and NCM to display the user name and password and snmp (v1, v2, and v3) community strings.

Sure, secure it, tie it down, maybe even force someone to log in with elevated permissions.  But it would be very helpful to be able to view those credentials and community strings--especially when the person who set them up is long gone from the organization.

Am I missing seeing how this information can be accessed without a Feature Request?  Can you show me how to do it?

If not, please Vote for this Feature Request.

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I'm afraid we are not going to implement this feature as it would be seen as a major security problem by many customers.

I feared that would be the case.  Oh well.  Thanks for the reply, Jiri.

Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Closed