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Can we monitor and backup Cisco FirePower?

Can we monitor and backup Cisco FirePower?

Can Solarwinds monitor and backup Cisco FirePower?


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The quick answer, yes!

My ASA's that have Firepower modules are treated as ASA's by NPM and NCM and backed up accordingly.  

FTD is not able to be managed/backed-up by SW to the best of my knowledge.  But if someone's doing it, please reach out to me with the details, please.

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Yes, I agree totally! Thanks!

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Even with the ASA's with Firepower modules, you're only getting the ASA config, not the Firepower configuration, right?  In our case, at least, we need to back up the FMC to get that and as far as I know we can't do that with NCM.

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I just out that I do have a (2) routers that are actually backing up it's own configurations!

But I the Firewall Technician, I have to get him to see if he can find out what is working on those FTDs that is not working on the others. I don't know who configured them. I wish I knew!

When I find out, I will share! 

Thanks much,


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I am still trying to figure out a way to download the configurations from the FMC, but alas I have not determined a way. I am not sure that there is a feature request, as I have been looking this morning for one. If anyone out there knows how to do it using NCM, I would greatly appreciate finding out. Thanks!