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Bulk Policy Report import/export

Bulk Policy Report import/export

The DISA STIG compliance reports are created using separate reports with each report containing policies and rule sets.  All of this is stored in the actual database (in 6+ tables) and is not stored locally in the SolarWinds server.  To do a bulk import, a SQL query would need to be developed to place all of these reports, rules and policies in the appropriate locations.  This would have to be modified every time a new STIG is added (for others to use).  This would be very time consuming.  I would like to do a feature request for bulk report import and export.  I would like the ability to select multiple reports at one time and export them to a file.  When this file is imported, it should import the separate reports (and rules and policies) into the correct locations.  This would be very valuable.  Please vote this up!

Please see this post Everything DISA STIGs for your Network  by CourtesyIT

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