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Better way to compare startup and running config

Better way to compare startup and running config


Two problems in same feature.

1. Statistics are showing as "unknown" when looking at overall running vs. startup config conflicts. That's because if I backup only one of them, system doesn't know the differences.


2. Also notification messages doesn't work the best possible way. The only way I can get report from conflicts is by backing up both config types with separate jobs, and then do the comparison between same type of config. I mean this is not possible for some reason:


So if I want a notification of differences between running and startup, I cannot check both configs to be downloaded inside same job. I can do it but only without notification process.

If I create two separate jobs from both config types, I'm getting two reports from same switch instead of one. So that's not a good idea. It's obvious that if there is no conflict between running and startup configs there will be same changes done in both configs. So why to report them both separately.

That all feels unnecessarily hard way to do the trick. I think coders haven't think a big picture here.

Solution suggestion:

1. To get reports from running vs startup configs, I would need to download both of them, no matter if I don't need a startup config to anything (because running is the one that tells how network is working really!). Why is that necessary? Internally the system needs both configs to do the comparison, obviously. BUT... why it cannot just check the both configs WITHOUT really downloading and saving them to database (saving only the asked one)? So that backing up process would only affect to backing up itself, and not to other reports like conflicts. So that I could still do the comparison even if I don't need backups at all! Technically, system would save data to some temp file and do the comparison there and then write a report. That would solve a comparison issue.

2. Notification issue would be even easier to solve: It shouldn't be hard to build system so that if I download both configs, system would compare startup config to startup config, and running config to running config. Then I could check the both boxes in config type selection and still get notification about differences. System knows which is which, so why I should need a separate jobs for that?