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Automatically Manage Node with NCM

Automatically Manage Node with NCM

Since the merger of NPM and NCM databases, it is no longer possible to automatically import nodes to NCM as a job.

Instead, the importing of nodes is now leveraged on the ability to perform a network scan with CLI credentials included (CLI credentials will be tested on the scanned nodes).

A node is only automatically added to NCM if the logging in to the node during discovery is successfull.

The issue with this is that not all Orion setups can or may scan their networks.

This leaves us with only one other option and that is to Enable NCM License on the nodes manually.

So, if a person adding a node forgets to add it to NCM as well, or doesn't have the required privileges to do so, then the node will never be added since it has been forgotten.

This issue is discussed in detail here: Re: Importing Nodes to NCM v7.4 Automatically

Level 16


I will sure like to see that as part from that FR

Still not possible in NCM 7.5

Level 16

Bump ??

Any Update in that ?

I need a way to create a flow that will auto do that to node_type "CPE" or what ever...


Still not possible in NCM 7.6

Still not possible in NCM 7.7

might something like this be of interest to you?

Invoke-SwisVerb $targetV2 Cirrus.Nodes AddNodeToNCM $Node.NodeID

You could run a API Script, check the Node if it is added to NCM and if not add it.


Sadly no.

Level 10

In the latest version of Solarwinds (NPM 12.3 and NCM 7.8) the SwisV3 can be used for adding nodes to NPM and NCM. Swisv2 is not used anymore!

Level 16

Any news?

We need that...and No I don’t want to use the API for something that should be there...

Still not possible in NCM 7.8