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Allow user defined code snippets from NCM to display on various details views

Allow user defined code snippets from NCM to display on various details views

So I saw a question on the forum and it got the wheels turning in my head.


In that specific case they needed to validate their NTA settings across several devices and vendors and I thought "It would be nice to be able to display NCM config data that relates to flow on the NTA Node Details view similar to what we see on Interface Details."  But once I thought about it I realized that this is a wider use case that could actually be really helpful for a variety of scenarios.


NCM already has the UI for building regex rule matches from the compliance reports, it would be great if we could repurpose that to be able to set up user defined capture groups for specific parts of our configs that we would then be able to pull into the various views.  So as an example, I could create a rule that captures all my flow related config, that gets dumped into the database somewhere under a category that I could call "Flow Settings" and have a widget that I add to the node details view that just displays all the config code that matched my regex capture.  This widget would absolutely need to have a "hide if empty" behavior as well to keep the views tidy for devices where they don't apply. Some other examples of things I might want to pull out from my config could be SSH Authentication Settings, Logging Settings, SNMP Settings,  ACL's.  A lot of these are even things people probably already have the rules for if they have been using the NCM Compliance Report feature, I just want to be able to pull those elements out into views more easily.


I have to imagine that this isn't too far off from what is happening under the covers for the existing config snippets that have been added to various views over the last few versions so I'm probably just suggesting we expose those capabilities to the users.  That way if I happen to be running some unusual hardware I can set up my own logic for the captures and not have to be dependent on SW to get around to writing rules for my oddball gear.