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Alert on Deviation from Baseline

Alert on Deviation from Baseline

Rather than manually generating reports to identify issues, I would like to be alerted when a configuration deviates from the Baseline set for the Node

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An example of where this would be nice for me is we have some Cisco 3650 switches online that start automatically crashing/rebooting if they're up for three years straight.  A stack of three might have switches 2 and 3 reloading over and over.  The only recovery is to reboot the entire stack.

I've noticed that in the seven days prior to this behavior, NPM measures significant latency increase in the response time of the devices.

If NPM could see that "normal" baseline latency is 5 ms and it goes to 25 ms or more--and stays there for 24 hours or more--I'd like to be able build an alert based on that deviation from the baseline response time.

Isn't this something that can already somehow be done?  If not, let's help get some attention focused on this for the developers!

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Rick Schroeder