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Add an option to update a compliance report as an alert action

Add an option to update a compliance report as an alert action

Allowing compliance reports to be updated as an alert action, as opposed to only via a Job schedule, would be an awesome addition to NCM's ability to automate remediation and help create a self-healing network. Our use case is a Cisco IOS bug, where sometimes sip bind commands drop out of startup config when an ISR is rebooted. We have a scheduled compliance report that runs nightly to check/remediate this, which is OK, but it could be better. If an alert was configured to update a compliance report whenever an ISR rebooted, it would instantly fix the problem with no admin intervention needed. Here's a screenshot of the menu in the alert config where this would be added next to the other NCM actions:



Hey everyone, this is now possible using the API: How to trigger compliance reports with alerts

Of course, it would still be very awesome to see it integrated into the product jpetkevich

Level 12

Would it fill the need if there was a simple drop down for this option or would it be further than that?

If there was an option to "Run compliance report" in the "Execute An NCM Action" alert action (the screenshot in the OP), that would be enough for my use case.