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Add OrionSDK verbs to manage dependencies.

Add OrionSDK verbs to manage dependencies.

I do not use Orion to manage the logical structure of my IT resources, but we've found that for troubleshooting, it is often necessary to have the information about which devices have logical dependencies on others.  A post in another forum ( states that currently there are no verbs to manage dependencies from the SDK interface.

I would propose that these verbs be added so I can create an integration to synchronize my logical resource structure with the monitored devices in Orion.

The separation of the two ideas is needed due to the other system having a significantly more comprehensive breakdown than Orion could ever support.  Additionally, the two tools are designed for different user bases.  Those creating the logical structure have no desire or need to be tromping through Orion.  Our technicians and troubleshooters need the speed and data provided by Orion.  But both need to have a synchronization of data for more efficient utilization.

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There were comments added to that thread in July 2015 with examples showing this is now possible.

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