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Network Configuration Manager (NCM) 2020.2 is Now Generally Available

We are looking to try EasyPreSales ( ). Automated Cisco network diagrams, network reporting, and Cisco pre sales tools, has anyone used it? It looks pretty cool and is quite a bit cheaper than other tools.


Awesome UI improvement @Dez - can't wait to implement.   I wish I could take advantage of the automated firmware upgrades.  Due to the nature of my business, 911, we have to be physically connected to what we are upgrading, with backup plan in hand.  

I got wind of the available upgrade after I was able to THWACK again! (COVID interfered tremendously)

This is the first time I have had a chance to actually read about the product upgrades, so thanks for the information!  

@zennifer glad you're back in THWACK land 🙂  Completely understand the physically connected while upgrading.  There are a lot of security protocols that require that.

@Dezupgrade was a piece of cake!  What meant more to me was a kind word from you .... you are a true Hero!  You inspire me!    Thanks for all the great information - I actually upgraded during one of Kevin's webinars!  The upgrade platform is unbelievable - great work everyone!!!  There will be no more scratch installs for me!  I took the oath to keep all my Solarwinds products up to date.

Not to mention the improved performance in 2020.x.. like WOW!

You don't know how much I am cheesing!!

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