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NCM Unlicensed Nodes by Vendor

To all,

I've created a query to list nodes which aren't NCM licensed by Vendor. I have a huge environment with a lot of network discovery, so I'm not the one cleaning up the results. Therefore I want to enable people to quantify when nodes are added that aren't in NCM.

Add this to a report or to a custom query widget.

--Query to filter NCM unlicensed nodes based on vendor criteria

SELECT CN.OrionNode.Vendor

, CN.OrionNode.Caption --node name from OrionNode table

--commented  , CN.OrionNode.CustomProperties.Region

--remove the "--commented" part to filter by a custom property named Region and/or define your own

FROM Cirrus.NCMNodeLicenseStatus CN --create a name to identify this table (CN)

WHERE LicensedByNCM = 'No'  AND

(CN.OrionNode.Vendor LIKE 'Cisco'

Or CN.OrionNode.Vendor LIKE 'Palo%'

OR CN.OrionNode.Vendor LIKE 'Brocade%'

OR CN.OrionNode.Vendor LIKE 'Riverbed%'

OR CN.OrionNode.Vendor LIKE 'Citrix%')

So I added a custom property just so you can list one if you feel is appropriate alongside this as an index. I want to specifically highlight LicensedByNCM = No. Not LicensedByNCM != Yes, because then you'll pick up nodes with a "never" status.


Great write up!  I needed exactly this sort of thing today and added it as a widget.

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