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NCM Not downloading full configuration [Case studies]

So in this case NCM failed to download the full configuration from the device.

How you troubleshot this ?

You must check  your Session Trace first to track the activity .

VIEW LIVE NCM logs NCM Connection profile test Compare Success and Failure and troubleshot understan...

Here is an example case: as you can see immediately after interface # NCM sent a command exit where its stopped downloading the configuration from the device.



The issue is in that config line: description # Cisco ASA 5500 GAAE1/2 (Inside) #


NCM have build-in logic to recognize config mode command prompt on devices.

That logic check if line ends with ‘)#’ or ‘) #’ and assume this is command mode prompt which mean end of config.

That is why NCM stop capture any config lines after that line.


To workaround this issue please modify that interface description line to not end with ‘) #’.

Looks like only that interface contains such unusual description.

That should resolve the issue

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