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How to Create a DISA STIG Compliance Dashboard

This document will assist in creating a NCM Compliance Report Dashboard.

Using this Dashboard will help prepare for an audit.

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It would be nice if each report allowed you to click on the actual violations

Not sure I follow?

When I click on the blue yellow or red policy violations with the number of violations, it does not open a window that displays the devices with the violations.  Maybe its my version of NCM

I was looking at this document a moment ago so that I could create something at work and look smart.  Then (within five minutes) I got a chat from the author, a LinkedIn contact and former coworker.

The only logical explanation I can think of is The Force.

CourtesyIT, as I told you, when I create this stuff, my employers probably think I am the smart guy rather than the author.  Keep it coming...makes me look good.

As always, the stuff I produce is for you to look better in front of the boss and for your annual review.  It takes a village.  Sharing our triumphs and successes here make us all smarter and save us time at the end of the day. 


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