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Customizing your Solarwinds Orion - NPM

Customizing your Solarwinds Orion - NPM

Some of these are already a part of the "How to Customize" list but wanted to provide everyone with a more extensive offering from wluther​.  He has come up with some great modifications and I put some of these in more normal deployment.

He is working on this awesome rating system, so if you decide to try these please reply back to the original message with you evaluation and difficulty level.

Thank you wluther​ for your contributions.

Network Performance Monitor

Custom SQL Dynamic Graphing Resource

Custom SWQL Views Manager

Custom SWQL Views Manager Resource

Custom SWQL VM Manager

Custom Query Resources, Increased Default Workspace

Custom Node & Polling, Combined Details Resource

Custom User Links, Modified User Links Resource

Custom Node Tree

Make ALL Links, In A SWQL Custom Query Resource, Open In New Tabs By Default

Increase The Default Number Of Items Displayed On The "Manage QoE Applications" Page

Occam Nibbles



Cisco Configurations

Cisco ASR9000 Netflow Config

Cisco ASR 9006 Netflow

Cisco ASR 9010 Netflow


Network Configuration Manager Tidbits

NCM PolicyCacheResults Individual Totals


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CourtesyIT​ Mr. Lists, at it again. lol...

My wife has been building our second baby for the last 9 months, and only a few more days until assembly is completed. Between that and having had a bunch of things going on at work this quarter, I almost forgot about that ratings system. I need to get going on that thing again, it shouldn't have too much more to go to be completed.

Thanks buddy,



Wouldn't it be cool if DanielleH​, and/or maria.bungau​, and/or mrs.alterego​ found some cool Thwack tool that would allow for automatic/semi-automatic table of contents?

Let's take your "How to do various customizations with your Solarwinds​"  thread, and use it as the example.

You had to manually add all of the various users, which is fine, and I don't think that should be the automated part.

I think it would be cool to have a feature that would automatically add specific types of posts (defined by the user that created the thread), from the specific users that were already manually add to the page.

I think it would be pretty messy if it just added everything each of the selected users had created.

However, if it just looked for a specific type of document, or tag, from the selected users, or some other criteria, it could be updated and organized accordingly.

Maybe combine it with the ratings system, narrowing things down to user created modifications/enhancements. Probably something similar to how all of the SAM, NCM, and NPM user content in organized

Perhaps something like a favorites list, on steroids, mixed in with some Amazon recommendations, with a sprinkle of "TiVo thinks you will like this so TiVo will record it for you" action.

Or, at the very least, automatically add new content to the list, but have it hidden until approved by the thread creator.

I bet we would all find some hidden gems by looking through other users's favorite/used content. (I know we can all look through a user's content right now, but wouldn't it be nice to see selected types of content for multiple users at once?)

Anyway, I reckon that is enough jibber jabber out of me...


Dude, I hear you.  My "Customizations" Page is getting very busy.  I am thinking of peeling off some things and moving it to another page with links all over the place.  Right now, the User opens the page and is bombared with options and they have not even learned how to spell "NPM".

I am going to have to create a higher level parent or two pages to get down to customizations page.  Going to write it up this weekend and review feasibility.

Now that I have finished the F5 STIGs, I am off to study for the CASP exam.


CourtesyIT​ Wow, talk about a slacker... sounds like you don't have enough to do.

It would be nice to have some sort of an auto roll-up, letting you dynamically link threads/posts... just take that old Orion Network Atlas, drill down through the linked layers, stuff, and slap it on your thread... lol...

I think my CCNA expires towards the end of this year, and my RHCSA early next year... so I reckon I will soon be boarding the study train too. Pfft, sleep is overrated anyway...

May the Force be with you on that exam.

I work for an ISP/Telco company, roughly an hour South of SolarWinds HQ. We provide Phone (Copper & VoIP), Cable (Coax & FTTH), and Internet (DSL, Cable Broadband, & FTTH). Having so many different things in motion here, our SolarWinds environment has been growing exponentially, acquiring responsibilities for a bunch of things we didn't know it could be used for. Which is why I basically live in Thwack, because I always need to figure out how something works so I can figure out a way to get something else done. Luckily, Thwack Nation delivers, and has been there to answer the call for the majority of my requests. I should be better trained by now, but it seems I am always jumping to the next project before the paint drys on the previous one.

Anyway, great job on all you do for Thwack Nation too. I hope your exam goes well.


These are goldmines for Orion customization junkie! Sweet.

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