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Custom Poller - Palo Alto Firewalls HA Status.pdf

I would like to thank @Andy Mcbride for coming up with this Custom Poller.  I have just provided a guide to help those new to Solarwinds. 


Did I say THANK YOU!!! Finally getting to the documents!  Getting ready to deploy the PA's in HA -  have learned so much before the deployment - I feel really equipped to tackle this project and have good visibility after I stand the security solution up!  I really love THWACK!  I hope to help as many folks as you some day!!! I greatly appreciate your time!

Thank you, this was very helpful - made the task a lot easier than digging for the information myself.

Now to build an Alert for when the state changes.

Thank you so much. This document really helps alot.

Now do we need to create 2 alerts-One for active to passive and other for passive to active? Can you please help me with alert conditions as i am new to solar winds, it will be very much helpful for me.

Thanks in advance!!

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