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Cisco ACE - Device Template for backup

I have modified the device template for a Cisco ACE. If you need any further contexts then add it.

I build commands such as "backup-all", "checkpoint" and "rollback".

kind regards,


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Did you have any issues with this on the SCP variables? I am getting a SCP server error but if I extract the command it runs fine.


i have no issue. but can you explain what you exactly mean.

with this template you can save the running-config. also deployment and template works.

but if you want to "backup-all" i tried it to do it with the template and failed. so i wrote a script / job that copy all keys and checkpoints to my scp Server.

here is my script: ACE_Backup_Script.txt

but do not Forget to set the needed macros.

for any further questions please contact me.

Kind regards,


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