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what is difference between VIM and VMAN

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Hi Team,

what is difference between VIM and VMAN?

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ganeshkagde​ I believe VIM is the super basic, standard virtual info, while VMAN is the full blown virtual manager product. Other than cost, VIM is going to provide a severe limitation on what data is collected/displayed, as well as losing the "management" aspect of the product. VMAN, on the other hand, will integrate deep into your virtual environment, collecting and showing data other than just from the surface. VMAN will also provide the "management" capabilities, allowing you/your users to manage the VMs directly within your SolarWinds/VMAN deployment. While VMAN does come with a decent sized bill, it also provides numerous benefits over standard VIM. If you're already putting money into a production VM environment, VMAN is definitely the way to go. It has saved us countless days, finding issues and providing recommendations we would have otherwise likely never noticed.

Thank you,


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Thanks for replay,

could you please help me out by providing more details like what VMAN can does but VIM can't?

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Use the online demo to see the is a link to VIM:

Check out the VMAN Dashboard to understand the full capability of VMAN, particularly recommendations, sprawl, storage and capacity.



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