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Level 13

ncm 7.2.0 to 7.2.2 fails. no longer able to access NPM page or any orion apps

it the beginning i had NCM and NPM on the same server. Support told me to separate them for performance

i did and it works

now with NPM 10.7 and NCM 7.2, they told me to place them on the same server

i had NCM 7.2 with  NPM 10.7 running with my new licenses.

i was then asked to upgrade to 7.2.2 of NCM for bug fixed and better performance.

I wish i had not done so

i am now dead in the water

once poor testing from SW staff

I got this error at the end of the NCM install

NCM install  error after NCM 7.2.2 update.png

again poor error messages. where   are these messages that i am suppose to look  at?

why did it fail?

and then after this i lost access to all NPM/ORION  services. The GUI comes up, but i only get this screen

NPM web error after NCM 7.2.2 update.png

I stooped and started all services, no success

I re-booted the server, no success

I re-installed NCM, no success

I re-configure NCM , no success

I re-installed NPM, no success

I re-configure NPM , no success

i will use this posting for my ticket as the ticket system does not accept attachments

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Level 14

What was done to resolve this issue?  We are planning an upgrade to NCM in the near future to prepare for the NPM 10.7 upgrade.

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The NPM transaction log was truncated and NCM and NPM databases synced.

With NCM 7.3 such problems should be less probable to happen.

Network Configuration Manager v7.3 is Now GA!



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Level 18

Hi wanine39,

I took a look at your support case and it seems resolved. Is there anything else we can help you with?



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