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Level 8

Whitelisting a Solarwinds Orion Server


So, I have an Orion server with NPM, NCM, SAM and UDT, installed. By company rules I have to whitelist the server using a whitelisting application (e.g., Lumension, Faronics, NextLabs, Bit9, etc.).

I've been looking for a whitepaper, or something, that gives some guidance regarding what processes need exceptions (i.e., configmgmtjob.exe, creating batch jobs in C:\Windows\Temp).

Has anyone seen a document or web page like that? I have to document any exceptions I create and having something from the vendor of the server I'm whitelisting, goes a long way towards getting the exeption approved.



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Level 12

Fantastic question.  Anyone else out there encountered such requirements?  This seems like it could be pretty involved.

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I got it today .. trying to figure out

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