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Where is the CLI polling data going to the database? Where is it located?

Where is the Where is the CLI polling data going to the database? Where is it located?

Hi All,

I need to get connection data for some Cisco Firepower Firewalls. We are using CLI polling.

Where is the data being stored.

I want to create a view and run a connection report for this.

Thanks much everyone,


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You are not explicit on the data you wish to see, but if it is purely the connection profile that is assigned to each device, there is a default report available.

Navigate to Reports > (Drop down select report Category) > NCM Node Details and you will see a report called Connection Profiles. I would suggest you add Username to this report, so simply edit the report and click on Edit Table, then from the list search for Username within NCM Node category


Hope this helps.

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Hi Cheryl,

All data that we get from devices are being stored in the SQL database regardless of the polling method (snmp, wmi, cli). So when you create your own report you can select the data you want to see like in this example of our access control list report:


Keep in mind though that Cisco Firepower can be tricky due to some CLI limitations and thus is not supported by NCM yet (even though it can work): Cisco Firepower Threat Defense Command Reference - Using the Command Line Interface (CLI) [Cisco Fir...

Best regards,


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