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What part of the MIB table does 'IP Addresses' refer to in the network inventory?


I have a job that runs every day in NCM to update the inventory.

After upgrading my Cisco devices to use SNMP version 3 I noticed this error message in my device logs:

     %SNMP-3-AUTHFAIL: Authentication failure for SNMP req from host 10.w.x.y

Because of the times of these errors I quickly identified that the daily inventory job was the cause and by further trial and error I have identified that the 'IP Addresses' tick box under the Inventory settings tab was the specific cause.

I am assuming that the MIB objects being interrogated (as a result of the "IP Addresses" tick box) are out of the scope of the MIB tree allowed by my SNMP v3 setup.

I have allowed read only access to a view which includes the 'Internet' MIB object:

     snmp-server view V3Read internet included

I seem to have 2 choices to stop the error messages. 1. Untick the box, or 2. add a MIB object to my view.

If I do 1. I'm not sure if the inventory will lose some functionality.

If I do 2. how do I identify what MIB name I should use which maps to the "IP Adresses" tick box?

Many thanks,


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Have figured this out or is it still an issue?



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