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What We Are Working On Now...

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Hi everyone – there’s no summer vacation for the NCM team. We just got NCM 6.0 out the door, and we’re already hard at work on a number of new features. In addition to the routine set of fixes, new device templates, and other optimizations – we’re working on:

Improved Policy Reports – import and export policies, rules, and possibly whole reports.  Check for violations in config blocks (interface-level checking). We’re also looking at enhancing the user interface to make policy creation more intuitive and management much simpler. 

Support for multiple config types – you’ve asked for this, and we’re working on it now.

Additional IpV6 support – NCM already has IpV 6 support for many activities, and we’re working on additional support.

Improved inventory management – we are working on making this process easier and the reports even more useful. 

Additional device templates  - including support for Motorola WS5100 WAP and ES3000 switch devices.

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Level 15

Hi everyone - the RC is now ready. If you are interested in participating, please send me a message with your SWID. 


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