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Re: What We Are Working On Now...

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1: I would like to see improvements in the access to config change templates, meaning a ability to restrict users to certain CCT. As if you wanted to create a helpdesk user account and then create a change template that allowed them to add a port into a certain VLAN for instance, but you did not want them to be able to see any of the other types of templates you created.

2: more roles defined in NCM as well as AD group functionality

3: More import DB options as if you want this tool to be enterprise class it needs access to other types. like Oracle or MYSQL and POSTGRESQL. many companies have a CMDB now and want to feed that info into a product like this. Also have the ability to have filters on the import data sources as well, so not just for certain import types but for all import types. so I want to only filter on Cisco devices or multiple vendors in my import datasource , whether it is a file or a database.

4:  EOL/EOS type functionality, so an ability to enter this data youself and then to be able to alert and report on it.



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Re: What We Are Working On Now...

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I'm testing NCM for use in my company for managing configurations on Cisco devices and like what I see so far.  I would like to know if there are improvements coming soon for this product;

1. Increased functionality on the web interface so I don't have to keep going to the server application.

2. More flexible reporting.  More dynamic manipulation of reports like sorting by columns, rearranging or hiding columns, prompting for an argument.

In looking at this forum I see there hasn't been an update from Solarwinds for one year.  Is this product going away?  Where is the current "What we're working on..." list for this product?

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Re: What We Are Working On Now...

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Will the next version have more flexibility to configure devices via the web interface, instead of me having to give FULL console access to someone that doesnt need it for any other softwar we use?

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