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WLC Device Template Issues

Hey All,

   I am having issues trying to backup my WLC's in NCM. I am getting to the General Device Access portion of the template. Whenever I Test Device Access I get the following:



 Test Failed. Cannot Log into Device : bad password. Device IP:

(Cisco Controller)
(Username is showing here)

(Username showing here as well)




I am currently on V2019.4 and the template being used is the Cisco WLC 5508 from THWACK community. It seems as if the script running to the controller is not running correctly, as the username and password is getting messed up based on the login info from show credential login details. Any help on getting this fixed would be awesome.


      Thank you,

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In the  Connection Profile section, have you got "Enable Level" set to <No Enable Login>?

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Check the GUI settings on the 5508 WLC. 

I don't have the GUI in front of me but there is a setting/tick that allows you to back up using SolarWinds. I can check for you on Monday. (Going to get thrown out of the office in 2 mins) 


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