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Using UDT information in NCM scripts


We would like to monitor a large number (3000 or so) CCTV cameras on our network using NPM, just with ICMP then automate the process of resetting the LAN Switch interface that the camera connects to if NPM shows that the camera has gone down. The cameras are all PoE so the reset effectively reboots them. We have UDT and NCM so we have the Switch and interface information and the ability to run a script.

Before he dive into this too hard the first thought I had was can NCM collect information from the UDT data based on the node that has alerted? I know I can run a script in NCM based fired from an NPM alert but the script will need to know which Switch and Interface needs to be reset specifically for the camera that is not responding. Writing 3000 scripts one per camera is obviously not ideal!

If something has been done before I can't find it recorded anywhere though I'm happy to be directed to something. If there are other ways to do this I've not thought of then I'm all ears! 🙂

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So since they are ICMP only nodes Orion isn't really going to know anything about them, so you are going to need to come up with a way to populate some list to map the node captions to the correct interfaces. Inside NCM directly its not going to be able to reference UDT data but with a custom script (thinking powershell, not NCM) it would be possible. Something like when these nodes go down then get SWIS data for that node caption and take the l2 connected interface and execute a shut no shut script targeted at that node and interface.
Probably other ways to do it too but that's how I would.
- Marc Netterfield, Github
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My current plan is similar to that but using some Linux shell scripting. The issue I have hit is that none of the standard UDT reports show the details of the connected devices themselves. I want to output a CSV from Solarwinds which has the IP of the CCTV camera, the Switch it connects to and the Interface.

I can get the Switch thanks to the 'Connected to' value but I can't seem to be able to report the actual interface it the camera connects to itself 😞

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