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Using NCM to upgrade IOS/Firmware

Hi Team,

We have planned to upgrade IOS images of cisco devices via NCM.

I would like to know what are the prerequisite things needed to achieve this.

Also do we have any document/videos to walk through the entire process from the scratch.

Many thanks in advance

RegardsSatheesh A

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Level 13

If you have active SolarWinds Maintenance for any product then you may go to Virtual Classes and participate in  Virtual Classrooms | SolarWinds Customer Portal - Getting Started with Network Configuration Manager. You may see how to upgrade firmware and ask questions during class.

If you have not active SolarWinds Maintenance then I'd suggest to go to Success Center and you may find information in NCM documentation (Admin guides) and video training there.

Anyway you will find there instruction how to prepare and perform bulk upgrade of firmware via NCM.

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Hi would like to know if you have sample template for NCM firmware upgrade of Cisco ISR 4221 router? hope you could help us since we will be needing the template for our poc. thanks!

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