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Upgrading IOS OmniSwitch Alcatel via SolarWinds


I want to update an IOS Omniswitch that I need your help in order to configure SolarWinds to properly perform this task.

Currently, I use the version 7.6 of NCM.

Thank you in advance.

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Thist article outlines the basic steps that you'll need to do. It's specifc to Cisco IOS but the process is the same.

Upgrade IOS (firmware) using NCM - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support

1. Place the firmware image onto a TFTP/SCP server. This can be the TFTP/SCP server that comes with NCM or your own.

2. Create a script for downloading and deploying the firmware. (These would be the exact commands that you'd on on your switch via SSH to manually upgrade the firmware)

3. Schedule a job to execute the script at the time which suits you. Or run it adhoc by selecting the switch and choosing 'Execute Script.'

2017-06-26 16_00_41-Configuration Management.png


2017-06-26 16_07_16-Configuration Management.png

Thank you very much for your response.


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