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The specified table does not exist [CpeMatches]

I am running into an issue that is fixed with 2020.2 but I don't have time to upgrade yet. In the Firmware Vulnerability Settings is am seeing the following:
Force re-run matching logic right now
The specified table does not exist. [ CpeMatches ]

I know it is fixed in 2020.2 with:
When NCM runs the firmware vulnerability matching logic to search for vulnerabilities that affect your devices, it no longer returns the following error:
The specified table does not exist [CpeMatches]

Does anyone know the fix to get it working in 2019.4. I am assuming I could just create the table in SQL but I am not sure what is needed in the table. I have a ticket open, Case # 00567745.

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Level 9

SolarWinds was able to fix this without the need to upgrade.

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