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Level 7

Solarwinds>Configuration Managment> No Baseline Management Tab

Hi All,

I'm currently setting Baselines for network devices. Im using this guide here Establish baselines as a comparison point for network config changes

It references a "Baseline Management Tab" that I cant seem to find. When Im in the configuration managment area I only see tabs for config management, transfer status, inventory status, and script managment.

I'm using NCM version

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Level 9

Hi, daisyahoy, you'll want to follow the instructions in the Admin Guide for NCM 7.6. It's in this PDF: (82 per the page numbers, not per Adobe's numbering, where it's page 108). The baseline management functionality was reworked when we released multi-device baseline management in NCM 7.9, which is why the documentation isn't aligning to your view.

In case you are interested in upgrading to a newer release to take advantage of the additional functionality, here are some resources that may be helpful:

Hope this helps.