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Solarwinds Custom Alert Query: Failed Router

Good Afternoon.

Looking to create a custom alert, which will trigger when a router has failed/becomes unavailable. Currently thinking of specifying the various models of routers used, and if they report node down. Could anyone offer guidance if this would be better through SWQL? Any assistance is appreciated. Thank you

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You could use machine type for this, but it might be easier to track if you setup a Custom Property for Device Type/Fn to make the naming congruent. Then just add that condition to your separate alert. Now you have an alert for your devices used for routing.

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You do not need to create a custom query method to achieve this.

Simpy identify the correct method to filter to the devices you wish and apply this as a new filter within the rule.

I would suggest this could either use MachineType or and my preference would be to create a Custom Property called something along the lines of 'Device_Type' to allow you to define appropriate values for each node i.e. Router or Firewall, or Core Switch etc. This you would then use in your alert filter.

I hope this helps

Mark Roberts

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