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SolarWinds --> Jira Ticket

We are starting to want to automate tickets to ensure that items arent missed and not accounted for.  My customer is wanting 1 of these options.  Are they possible?

1:  SW Alert creates and assigns a JIRA ticket to a group

2:  Be able to right click on a Node Summary page and select "Create Jira Ticket" based on the information SW has in it.

I know option 1 is possible, but they want both.

Ideas, thoughts, concerns, support?

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Is that Help..

Orion JIRA integration

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For the ticket creation, absolutely the easiest method as superfly99​ stated is to use email to Jira. This is all about creating a structure in your email to allow Jira to parse the content. A more complete solution would be to use the script method to interact with the Jira API. This gives more control and crucially would allow you to return the ticket ID from Jira, which you can then use to provide a URL link from Orion to Jira in your alert displays

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Easiest solution would be to email from Solarwinds to Jira and have Jira create a ticket from the email.

Creating issues and comments from email - Atlassian Documentation

For number two the easiest way is that you would need a javascript dev or similar to just build you a custom html resource that can communicate back and forth with Jira.  It's definitely doable, but since the vast majority of Orion admins are not front end devs I haven't seen anyone build it yet.

- Marc Netterfield, Github