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SolarWinds NCM Firmware upgrade template for HP Switches


Trying to use SolarWinds to automate the firmware upgrade process on our HP switches through SolarWinds NCM.

Just wondering if anyone has a template that I can look at, as the default ones do apply to CISCO and some commands do not seem to work for HP products.

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If you are using the Firmware Upgrade feature specifically, it is currently constrained to Cisco only. I encourage you to upvote this feature (link below) - I as a PM, will review the commonly voted on features for future consideration.

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Isnt it called firmware upgrade template so we can use it for multi-vendor, just like device template?

How do I manage firmware upgrade for non-Cisco without manual traditional script?

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The templates can be used for other vendors if you modify the commands to be executed on the device, but the image file must be .bin.

Which vendor devices do you have in your network?

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I can only speak for 2019.4 and 2020.2, but in those version, you can actually add the extension of your firmware image.


1. Go to Orion/Admin/AdvancedConfiguration/Global.aspx

2. Look for  FirmwareRepositoryFileExtensions  under NCM.BussinesLayer

3. You can add now the extension of your firmware. (Semicolon separated list of file extensions to monitor in the firmware repository)


A restart of certain Services will be required but this is prompted for when you commit the change.


As for creating the templates, I have been trying for a while but it is very difficult, I have Cisco switches that fall under the Default IOS device bracket, and they dont work properly as they differ slightly and that default Template just does not work correctly,

Documentation is a little sketchy and vague and needs clarification, which i am trying to obtain via a support call.

Example, a Cisco Catalyst 2960 works perfectly, but a Cisco SG300 doesnt, all i can find so far is that they output certain bits of information in different ways and have slightly different requirements and the templates feel very structured around the most common branch of Cisco OS's and variations do not play nicely.


I have Successfully written Firmware templates to upgrade the Primary and Secondary images of HP Procurve 2610's but they do not take advantage of all the features and a little intervention is currently required, I have yet to discover a way of getting these 2 consolidated into 1 Template although technically it should be possible.You should be able to download them from Thwack directly to the server from the firmware templates section, but if not here are the web links. 


Also be prepared for the slightly odd role of the repository, as most switches need to transfer the image via TFTP or SFTP and these are served out of different folders so I have had to duplicate the images in multiple directories on the server to get this working at all, very odd. I also have this query open with support as the role of the repository seems very sketchy to me.


jpetkevich​ - is there a chance you could share a template for HP switches? Will be helpful and greatly appreciated.

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@ohio38jrjonathan is no longer working for Solarwinds, that's likely the cause why he didn't answer. I am currently as well looking for Upgrading HP Devices Firmware with NCM so I will keep you posted about my findings here.


@HerrDoktor Awesome! Thank you very much!

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