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SolarWinds Lackluster Support

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Anyone else have some just terrible support experiences with SolarWinds or am I the only one?  Rarely do I actually get an answer to my question or it takes a good week or two to get an answer.   Today I moved SolarWinds to new servers and had an issue with Network Atlas not loading.  After monkeying with Solarwinds support for 1.5 hours and getting nowhere they took diagnostics and would get back to me which is fine.  What I did not realize until after I got off the phone is now my entire Orion site is down and not working.  So spent all day to move the servers and then get on the phone with support and things are now worse...  Anyone else been having this kind of fun with Solarwinds? 

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Hi Dave, my name is Miguel and I am one of the managers with the technical support team. 

Please accept our apologies for the poor support experiences you have had, we are very sorry to hear that.  We pride ourselves in providing world-class support to our customers globally, the last thing we want is to hear that you are struggling to get your questions answered or issues resolved, and for that, we apologize.

We will certainly monitor the current case closely to ensure there are no further delays.  In general, please feel free to reach out to anytime you are having challenges with support - hopefully not - and that will be routed to all support managers for action and escalation/visibility.

Please accept our apologies again.

Miguel Alvear | Manager, Technical Support

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Yea.....I did faced same issue with their supprt related to NTA module support. One of the Cisco Device NTA was not working asked engineer to come on call with Cisco, however they directly refused to join the callto explain the issue. As per solarwind TAC sending email with error makes them clear from their end. I didnt find such terrible refusal from any vendor to join call. Pathetic customer support...My case number was Case # - 00514586 NetFlow data is not received in solarwinds. Finally i solved issue by self :), you cannot accept deep diving of issue from solarwind TAC.

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All I see here are a bunch of apologies.  I agree with the complaints here, Solarwinds is almost completely sales focused, and has horrible support.

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Yes, I submitted several tickets - have not heard back on either.  One was regarding the LEM - which will not allow me to perform reporting after the upgrade.  When I submitted the ticket the site took me to suggestions (most of which were not applicable) and the solution suggested didn't work.  So, I am still waiting for any response to the ticket I created.  It appears to have gotten worse.  I think the only reason to keep support is to be able to keep current.  However, when an upgrade breaks functionality, I have to question the concept of paying for support.  Perhaps there should be a tiered approach, like #1 if you are willing to wait several weeks, #2 if you need a response within a work week #3 - you need support within a 24 hour period.  Then have the support cost reflect this so that you know how long it is acceptable to wait for a reply.

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Terrible support.I have had 2 tickets opened for 1.5 days. One is high priority and neither have even been "started" in the customer portal yet. I called their live support number and sat on hold for 20 minutes before hanging up.

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Just got off a call with my sales person and customer engagement manager and it sounds like SolarWinds is addressing the support concerns and turning things around. 

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Good to see the phone call was just something to make you feel good.  Support has not changed a bit. I am having an issue with AppInsights for IIS where it won't install I opened a ticket and the person that finally grabbed it the next day sent me the same links I tried the day before.  And If I am told to upload diagnostics one more time.......

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Is it the agent install that's failing for you or specifically the AppInsights piece?  I have run into issues installing the agent manually with this release, but when I deploy it from the browser it has worked.  If you have the agent installed, does it show AppInsight Applications at the top of the "List Resources" page?  You can find it on the node summary page for the device here:

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Yesterday, April 9, 2018, Solarwinds'  Customer Engagement Manager Jessica Ikard called me to talk about my satisfaction with their products, licenses, platforms, and processes.  We talked for nearly thirty minutes, she asked many questions, I gave her the straight info and pulled no punches.

I see good things coming from SW Management spending resources like this, reaching out to customers and asking what works well and what does not.

I received an email from Corby Hoggan that our account holds 'Strategic Account Status' and we are granted a 'dedicated point of contact to ensure you have everything needed to successfully and seamlessly monitor your environment'.  I received one of these before but I think I scared off the sales person.  I will let everyone know how it goes tomorrow hopefully they are going to be making some changes.   - Dave

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I got one of those a few weeks ago. I setup an online meeting.

The guy wanted to show me perfstack, but instead I gave him

a list of things I needed. He said he would give it to someone

who would get back to me....and disappeared in a cloud of

greasy black smoke. Not a peep from anyone since.

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My sales person just responded back asking if there was anything in particular that I wanted to go over and I let him know we will be discussing how they plan on fixing support.  If this turns out to be a glorified sales call I will end it and start looking for a new monitoring solution. 

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In the end I have jumped ship and left Mail Assure behind. Gone are my headaches, customer complaints and lost time. I did get a reply from the one guy who said he's going to escalate to management when I said I need a solution or I am leaving, and no one ever got back to me. I feel sadness for those getting the shaft on the mail migration. All I can say from my own experience is now that I have moved on, my calls to support (now only for clarification) are answered, and my emails have thoughtful responses that are related to my questions. I mourn the loss of GFI and their actual support team. So if any Solarwinds management are seeing this, your customers are fleeing in numbers (according to the vendors I am speaking to) and the remaining products I have under the Solarwinds umbrella are now under review. Support (as well as functionality) is a core part of the product. And there are others ready to take on our business.

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Just figured I would add my experience to the list.  I try to troubleshoot and exhaust all knowledge base resources before opening technical support cases with any vendor.  My experience with SolarWinds support has not been stellar to say the least.

I currently have another case open that is holding up the entire deployment.  I worked with support who brought in a senior engineer, they were unable to make progress and we agreed as his shift was ending we could take up the issue the next day.  Following the call i continued to research the issue and realized it was caused by a misconfiguration done by another solarwinds engineer as part of our SmartStart agreement.  I made progress on the immediate problem, but now I have lingering errors that are preventing us from fully deploying NTA and i updated the case with all the details of what I found and what i had done to resolve the first errors.  It has been more than a week since I was promised a return call, the SmartStart engineer and his manager have both requested escalation but not one update has been made to the case by support.  I have also requested escalation online, and I'm now waiting on hold for an hour with no one picking up.  I'm actually contemplating opening a critical severity ticket referencing the first ticket to maybe get someone's attention.

I left a message for the sales rep and he hasn't called me back either.

Also, in the past few days, I opened one ticket with all the details and screenshots showing there was a problem with SAM because our SmartStart engineer tried to resolve it and couldn't figure out what was going on.  And the response I got was a reply that said "it looks like it's working, do you have an example from another system that's not working?", even though the screenshot clearly showed an error.  I spent the next 5 hours digging through articles and found an obscure post from another user on an unrelated issue that gave me an idea as to what was happening.  I fixed the problem and then posted the details of the bug in the module along with a suggestion to prevent it from happening again.  I'm sure other users have experienced the same problem and just turned the component monitor off.  the response I got was "thanks for the clear explanation", nothing to indicate the bug would be reported to the developers.

For the record, the case number is:  00076322

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I just want to give a quick update on this post.  I wrote my first post at the height of my frustration and while I was waiting for more than an hour with support.  But eventually, someone did pick up, a very knowledgeable support engineer by the name of "Marc Fobair". 

Marc was extremely helpful.  The notes on the case by the original engineer were very brief and led to confusion as to what were the next steps and who would be handling them.  However, after explaining the issue to Marc, he immediately spoke to his manager and asked if I had 15 minutes to work with him to gather some configuration information.  The 15 minutes turned into 4.5 hours during which time he went through the entire configuration and working with a colleague located the root cause of the issue.  He also validated some other questionable items from the configuration and opened a new ticket to be sure it was tracked to resolution.

The next day he called me to be sure everything was still working, and then followed up with an email later in the day with additional answers from the new ticket.  He also told me that my post on Thwack received a lot of internal attention with management.  The sales account manager (Joshua Faucher) also called me the following day and promised that if this ever happens again, I can reach out to him and he will push for escalation from the sales side.

So I would first like to say "THANK YOU" to Marc Fobair!

Also, I would encourage anyone having support issues to be persistent and make sure you post all the gory details of unresolved problems here in the forum.  And as an earlier user stated, put as many details in the case when you open it and make sure you read any notes placed on the ticket by the support engineer for completeness and accuracy.

The current state of SolarWinds' support organization is placing an undue burden of managing cases on the end users, but until they improve their support to match the quality of the product I think we just have to be persistent and vocal.

As for the actual problem, it turned out to be a permissions issue on the SolarWinds folders, which apparently can manifest itself in many strange ways.

Do you have a sales engineer? I have to call him about 30% of the time to gain any traction…

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That didn't help us. We just got apologies and promises to escalate the case.

Still nothing being done as far as we can tell.

The sad thing is there is nothing happening that SW couldn't see if they

monitor their own support services. Callers on hold for hours, tickets with

no response in days/weeks...

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I too have had horrible experience with support. Where I call in and for 3 hrs , was waiting ON HOLD! (No one picks up).

I have yet to call in and not wait for hours to eventually place my name & call back number in cue, that was 4 weeks ago, and do not have a call back yet.

Co worker had the same experience  . So customers perspective is ' Solarwinds call back is a farce' .

I had finally got a case # and the tech went on vacation  for a WEEK . when he came back I finally got him to schedule a remote in  (I had another coworker work with him) he ran some setup and The solarwinds tech "had to cut the call short because he had another call scheduled and this was taking too long" and he left the product unfunctional.  Now he is off for another week.. (these techs have fire mans' hours.. on one week off one week) .  I have yet to get the product to meet PCI compliancy. The Newest product downloaded from Solarwinds does not support any protocol newer then TLS1.0 !!!!!!!! (Which should have gone away LAST YEAR) and will go away in 2 months. So for those us disabling TLS1.0 conforming to IETF , and PCI compliancy , will find this product unable to monitor our equipment. So you would think this would have a top priority for a "WORLD CLASS support team" so I believe they are serious understaffed and undermanned . Summary it took 3 weeks to get a tech for 30 minutes, who did not get the job done, hung up with the server not working , (We did a restore no biggie) ,  

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I have been using Solarwinds products since 2003 and support has always been pretty good.

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I've been a SolarWinds user for 14 years or so and the support has definitely gone downhill.  Tickets just sit there and not until I ask our Sales team do they get picked up.  Then its someone that does basic troubleshooting and then requests diagnostics.  I remember the day of calling and getting someone that could resolve any issues we had.

Large yearly support costs and can't get lab licenses (side rant).