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SolarWinds Lackluster Support

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Anyone else have some just terrible support experiences with SolarWinds or am I the only one?  Rarely do I actually get an answer to my question or it takes a good week or two to get an answer.   Today I moved SolarWinds to new servers and had an issue with Network Atlas not loading.  After monkeying with Solarwinds support for 1.5 hours and getting nowhere they took diagnostics and would get back to me which is fine.  What I did not realize until after I got off the phone is now my entire Orion site is down and not working.  So spent all day to move the servers and then get on the phone with support and things are now worse...  Anyone else been having this kind of fun with Solarwinds? 

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Hi Dave, my name is Miguel and I am one of the managers with the technical support team. 

Please accept our apologies for the poor support experiences you have had, we are very sorry to hear that.  We pride ourselves in providing world-class support to our customers globally, the last thing we want is to hear that you are struggling to get your questions answered or issues resolved, and for that, we apologize.

We will certainly monitor the current case closely to ensure there are no further delays.  In general, please feel free to reach out to anytime you are having challenges with support - hopefully not - and that will be routed to all support managers for action and escalation/visibility.

Please accept our apologies again.

Miguel Alvear | Manager, Technical Support

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Same experience here as well. It usually takes around two weeks to get a response from them. I am having issues with Network Atlas and after an hour or two on the phone with support the guy couldn't figure it out so he told me "Network Atlas is being overhauled" and to just wait it out. He gave me some strange work around that doesn't really fit my needs. At that point I just wanted off the phone and I knew he wasn't going to find anything helpful so I let him give me the bad advice. I know it's tough for him too having to support such a blatantly flawed product and it's not his fault at all. Multiple times during the call he eluded to the fact that Network Atlas is garbage by saying things like, "yeah, this is typical with Network Atlas" and "Network Atlas always has issues" and even "Just wait until the new replacement for Atlas comes out." I'm just never going to recommend Solarwinds products at this point. Support is lousy, documentation for things is oddly vague, every product is a separate "module" or add on, and you have to research how to do almost anything new. When you're trying to staple multiple products together you end up with an overall clunky, cumbersome experience for the users.

I've had PRTG at a previous company and loved it. Don't know how to do something? Right click and you'll probably find the menu for it. If not, documentation is very thorough and support is fantastic. Plus, all features are included in the price of the product with no extra modules, the interface is more intuitive, less performance issues, and the list goes on. Unfortunately, my current company is too invested in Solarwinds right now so I probably won't be able to change their minds. I do plan on building a PRTG server just for my data centers and using it as my primary monitoring system. They offer 1000 sensors for free! The branch support guys will just have to deal with Solarwinds, unfortunately.  

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I have been working with SolarWinds for over 5 years. 90% of the time I had to resolve issues on my own.

This has been my experience as well.

I will be sure this gets respond to quickly. Sorry again for the inconvenience.

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Hi Dave. I apologize for the inconvenience. Thanks for letting us know of this issue. Would you please send me your case #? I will be sure to escalate this to the support team management.

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