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Seeking documentation showing how to backup Cisco ACI (Application Centric Infrastructure) APICs, Leaves, Spines with NCM

Would someone kindly point me to Solarwinds web resources that do the following?

  • Confirm NCM can backup Cisco ACI systems
  • Define how to configure NCM specifically to backup Cisco ACI APICs, Spines, Leaves
  • Provide examples of configuring NCM to backup ACI components
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Product Manager
Product Manager

NPM uses the cortex engine to poll the information from Cisco ACI.  We are currently looking at how to retrieve and use these files within NCM, as you've seen and replied its clunky at best.  The flat file is what we need and that seems to be more than a CLI request them. Example: "Some REST API configurations may not be compatible with CLI configurations; this may cause errors when applying a configuration file to a Cisco APIC."
I'd love to discuss this further with you as I'm working on requirements and use cases currently.



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Level 14

We just upgraded to 2019.4 and I am hella confused about these devices. 

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Back them up locally to a separate server, that's also backed up automatically to the network, via ACI instructions.  They're not compatible with NCM as far as I've been able to determine--there's no single flat file to retrieve from them that NCM can handle.

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I found a Template and seems to be getting much information from the APICs but it´s incomplete (sometimes dies around line 32k). Having so much configuration lines is OK if you have a lot of Spines & Leafs.

I´m not an expert about ACI but looks like as mentioned, the better solution is to backup with another tool. Someone knows if this will be on the roadmap? would be nice to monitor and back up from the same platform. 

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