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Security devices with NCM

Can we do the following SolarWinds NCM for the given security products:


  1. IBM IPS
  2. Imperva Web Application Firewall
  3. Symantec Proxy
  4. Symantec SSL Visibility Appliance
  5. Checkpoint Firewall
  6. Fortinet Fortigate Firewall
  7. Cisco ASA
  8. Cisco Firepower

NCM features desired for all of the above:

  • Config Backup
  • Config Restore
  • Config Compare
  • Vulnerability Visibility

gangadhar.kabdhijasharmadefieguyRaviK  rucha.vsagar.b

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NCM is vendor agnostic as the approach is to replicate everything you can achieve if you were to use Putty to make an SSH/Telnet connection to the device. Therefore if your devices allow such a connection and commands that support that function, then NCM supports those devices.

The application uses template definitions to be told how and what it is able to do for given functions; performing backups, rebooting a device, getting to enable prompt etc. A bunch of templates are provided out of the box, which certainly has many of your listed devices within.

The following links provide further information on the template function within NCM:

Currently NCM only supports firmware vulnerability detection in the following device types:

  • Cisco IOS
  • Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA)
  • Cisco Nexus
  • Juniper

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