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Script for HP Procurve password update

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to build a script to execute on my switches. The process goes through but the password does not change. No errors at this time.

The script is as follows.


password manager user-name xxxxx



Write mem

So my question is 1, is doing a script the best way or should I be doing a job?

2. If script is correct any reason why the password might not update but I do not get any errors back?

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The return messages from the device are shown in the ConfigManagementTab where you have a List of all the executed tasks/jobs

in my opinion you can do this either way. -> execute script directly or let this run by a job. It does the same in the background.

what happens when you manually type the commands in the console via SSH, do you need to confirm something (hit the y key) or  anything similar?

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When I do the command normally by hand just hitting Enter nothing yes. Nothing to accept or anything like that.

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Then your Script should work in my opinion , do you get any output from your script?

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