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Level 14

Scheduled download problem

Hi all,
I've got an open issue with tech support on this one, but wanted to throw it out here and see if anyone else is having the same trouble.

I'm having the same exact problem as noted here:

I've toned down my simultaneous downloads to 3 per download group. However, the issue is still occurring.

In addition, I'm having a problem where sometimes the commands that Cirrus to set screen length and grab the configuration are being interpreted as part of the configs. For instance, 'set cli screen-length 0' or 'show configuration' or sometimes 'ation' or 'gth 0', is recorded as part of the config. I can obviously put ignore patterns in, but i would end up having 5 0 different ignore patterns because the portion of the command that's run is not consistently the same letters.

This is mostly happening on Juniper routers, but occasionally, the problem shows up on a Cisco router or switch. I should also mention that I've never seen this behavior occur while *manually* downloading configs or a group of configs, but that's not to say that it wouldn't happen.

Has anybody else seen this issue? Tech support has been helpful, but I think they are at a loss as to why this is occurring.

I'd appreciate any thoughts or help the community can give.

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Level 7

I'm having problems where I can't do a scheduled download of both baseline AND startup configs with anything than 1 at a time. If I try to do more, it bombs out... anyone else have this issue ?
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