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Level 10

SNMP error when polling Riverbed appliances

I'm receiving the error: unable to initialize socket for SNMP when I try to run an inventory on the Riverbed appliances.

However, I'm able to poll the device using SNMP.


Any idea ?

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Level 7

I'm receiving this same error when running an inventory on some of my cisco switches, but I'm able to poll them using SNMP.

I'm running Orion NCM V6.1 -DLX, unser iterface version 8.3.125, Config Mgt Engine 8 Ver 8.3.177


Is there a hot fix for this as well?  Any help would be appreciated.

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Level 13

HI dax--

What version are you running?


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Hi daxvancamp


We have a hot fix for this, that you can get by creating a case with the support group (assuming the versions match - as asked by Marie)

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