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Running Config Download Issue for Daily Backup activity

Hi all,

For a Customer, we have configured NCM for around 600 devices in our Solarwinds tool. We have a scheduled back up running in Solarwinds for all these devices on a daily basis (during midnight), thus we backup the startup and running configs daily. And after the back up activity was completed we receive a completion report. The issue we are facing is, the NCM fails to take the Running Config Back up for most of the device during the scheduled backup activity. But when i try downloading the running config for those devices individually, i was able to download.

Example: Consider we have Router1 in our network. When i see the completion report that i received from  solarwinds, it says for Router1 that "ERROR: Cannot download Running config : Connection Refused by" [At this time the for Router1 Startup config was downloaded  by the scheduled backup activity]. But when i login to my NCM and try to download the running config of Router1, i was able to download.

NOTE: This was not the case for all the devices. Only some of them are having this issue

Your suggestions on this will help !!!!!!


Vignesh Pandurangan

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Vino, I have the same issue, I should open a ticket and have solarwinds resolve the problem.

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Are you running the backing of the startup config and running config at the same time? If yes, maybe try creating 2 jobs. One to backup all the startup configs and then another one (say 30 mins later) that backs up the running configs.

Personally I think it's overkill to back up the startup and running configs daily. I do mine only once a week but I do have realtime change detection turned on. So if someone changes the config, NCM will automatically make a copy of the running config. Makes it really easy to trouble shoot as you can see exactly what someone has done to the config.

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One issue that comes up with a job not working vs. logging and it works are the credentials.  I started using AD credentials on my jobs and if I use a service login and the Systems folks don't add all the right permissions the connections fail. But when I login with my own ID downloads work great.  So make sure your credentials are correctly able to connect to your devices.

Also be sure when you run your job that the job is using the same download method (TFTP, SSH, etc.).  Sometimes our friends in network security have devices that see too many file transfers via TFTP/SSH and starting locking down the transfers thinking is an attack or intrusion.

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Did you check to see if you only download changed configs?

No i havent checked whether the changed configs are downloaded !!! As all the devices are in production i will not be able to do any changes currently and check ....

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If you think about it, it is not necessary to re-store configs that have not changed.  So NCM has a function in the jobs that let you set to store only configs that changed.  That lowers you job load and time.  It also saves space in your database

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Understandable that the devices are in production.  He is asking about how NCM is configured, do you only store configs that are changed? 

If you are not able to check your NCM configuration or make changes to it, you will not be able to fix it and no one will be able to assist you.

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No, the back up will be taken automatically every night @ 2:00 AM GMT time by NCM for all the devices in the network. (Irrespective of whether the config was change or not)


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