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Requirement of Visual Studio for Orion

We have NCM 2020.2.1  HF2 installed on Windows 2016 Server. Recently in a VA report, issues related to Visual Studio 2015 were reported. Our team has  recommended to check whether Orion has any dependency on Visual Studio 2015. 


Can anyone suggest whether the Visual Studio can  be removed. We are planning to remove Visual Studio as it doesn't seem to be needed by NCM. Seems it got installed during initial  Server setup.


Support has confirmed that it is not needed. Only VC++ is needed

We will take snapshots and remove but just need some views from this forum.

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Product Manager
Product Manager

Visual Studio is not a required application for the installation or operation of the Orion Platform or its modules. As support has correctly identified only the VC++ runtimes are required. VS 2015 will have been installed separately as you stated either through your provisioning process or installed manually. 

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