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Reporting on whether device managed or not

Using the latest version of SolarWinds, I need to show whether a device is managed or not.  Plus, can someone give me a definition of what a managed or unmanaged device is.  I only have the Web-based report writer to do so.  I think I've gone through all the variables ... yet can seem to find what I'm looking for.  Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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A managed node is one that is being monitored. An unmanaged node is one that is not being monitored. You would use this if your node is permanently down but you don't want to delete it as yet. Or you are doing scheduled maintenance and you don't wish for it to be monitored during this period (I prefer to use Muted but that's another option).

I use this resource


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Your screen shot is looking good.  Now question:  using the dynamic query builder from what table did you start from?  Nodes?  Interface?  The "Type" field that is displayed, where did that come from?  Thank you in advance.

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