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Report hours collected on node\interface

Hi all,

Yes I am a total newbie to Orion SolarWinds. I am trying to create a report either web in Orion or Report Writer, that provides the count of hours of data collected from the Juniper router interfaces. I built an hourly interface report and only see sporadic hours (2:00 PM, 4:00 PM, 7:00 PM..etc..) As mentioned I am a newbie and believe the report is working correctly but need something additional to verify that only a few hours are being collected and not the full 24 hours for further investigation.

Node / Interface / Hours collected

The version being run would be as follows:

NCM, NPM, 2020.2.1 



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This should work as a SWQL query, you will get at least 1 datapoint for every hour you polled that device.  Another thing to watch out for is any timestamps older than the detailed retention period (7 days by default) will only have 1 poll per hour in the DB and after 30 days you would only have 1 data point per day stored.


select it.Interface.node.caption, it.Interface.Caption, count(*) as polls, DATETRUNC('hour',it.DateTime) as times
from orion.npm.InterfaceTraffic it
where it.Interface.node.vendor like '%juniper%' -- change this to whatever filter you need for your interfaces you are concerned about

group by it.Interface.node.caption, it.Interface.Caption, DATETRUNC('hour',it.DateTime)

order by it.Interface.node.caption, it.Interface.Caption, times

- Marc Netterfield, Github
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