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Question about NCM version


I did some rules to check compliance of my devices.

In the rules i did some test in interface.

I used the Config block option to detect the correct interface.

And finally i created a remediation script.

All the process is working...BUT how can i save the modification in the device?

I read in several topic that there is an option Save to NVRAM but i can't see it

Is there a particular version for this option? Is there an alternative solution to do it?

Thanks for help.

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Did you ever get an answer or figure out a way to do this? Same issue here.

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In which operation would you like to save to NVRAM?

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When i create a remediation plan for a policy rule.


In other topics, I saw screenshot with the option Save to NVRAM below Execute Script in Config Mode

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That option is a nice GUI tick box affair to save you typing in 'Copy run start' or 'write mem'

In you above example, you can simply add the appropriate command to save to Start Up config for your device.

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Yes i can put do write mem but this command will be executed on each interface where i have to do my remediation script

For example, i i update 10 interfaces on the switch, i will run 10 times the do write mem.

In term of performance, it's not very good.

I guess hte check box will permit to do a write mem, only at the end of the script. 1 write mem instead of several.

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If you can run a FOREACH loop you could potentially use a Config Change Template and have the script write to NVRAM after it has updated the desire interfaces.

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