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Problems with executing command script on Huawei AR1220 router.


We have some problems with configuring  Huawei AR1220 routers by executing command script. After executing each command in script NCM waits for about 10-20 seconds and then continues to another command in script. Since we have nearly 600 Huawei AR1220 routers it takes long time to configure them all. There are no such problems with Cisco routers. I guess NCM doesn't receive something from Huawei router and continues after some timeout.

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Hi Pavel B,

There's high chance that NCM 7.3 will help. Using the feature that should resolve this issue is a bit tricky though, so I suggest that you open a support case and post the ticket # back here. I'll keep an eye on it then.

You must install/upgrade to 7.3 first, of course .



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